TreatmentPrice in £Comments
Consultation for lines & wrinklesFreePlease ring for details
Lip Filler250 for up to 1mlYoung - plump up the volume
Mature - redefine thinning lips
Dermal Filler250/mlMultiple syringes often
necessary. Ask about our
packages to coming soon
2 usually reqd 4
weeks apart
Bioremodelling lifting &
tightening skin on face, neck
arm, décolletage etc
825/course of 3
rehydrates and improves skin
quality. Can be applied
topically in some cases
Plasma shower120 + cost of
mesotherapy product
Treatments for many skin
conditions; acne, tightening,
lightening, fine lines, hair
growth, scar & stretch marks
Plasma Surgical375 fromExcess eyelid skin tightening,
eye bags, acne scarring,
smokers lines