PRX-T33, As seen in Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and many more publications

Who is PRX-T33 for?

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After 10 years of clinical research, Dr. Rossana Castellana devised a product unlike any other previously used. Its unique formulation has been deemed worthy of an international patent, already granted in the EU, Australia, Japan, and pending in the USA. It’s marketed under the brand name PRX-T33.

The breakthrough by combining trichloroacetic acid(TCA) with hydrogen peroxide (H O ) at a very precise 22pH level. The two substances interact at a cellular level, providing previously unseen benefits for the skin, and, most importantly, without causing caustication to the skin. The discovery consists in having transformed TCA from a caustic substance used in the world of medicine to remove skin into a substance that, in addition to not causing skin peeling, triggers an intense biorevitalisation response in the tissues treated.

Watch the video below to see how easy the procedure is

Now the science part:

PRX-T33’s unique formulation renders it non-aggressive on the epidermal layers, so no frosting is caused, which gives several important advantages: the treatment can be performed in the summer months, it doesn’t require interruption of the patient’s social life, the effects are immediately visible (although the full effect is reached after more than one session, and using the WiQo Dermocosmetic Home care range).

Thanks to its efficacy in activating the skin’s own regenerative processes, PRX-T33 is an ideal primer for other aesthetic medicine treatments. Used in combination with procedures such as mesotherapy, fillers, threads, physical stimulation devices, PRP, etc it acts in synergy, enhancing the results of the treatment. The most recent approach to aesthetic medicine is combination of treatments. No single techinique is a silver bullet to solve all of a patient’s problems. The combination of chemical, physical or mechanical stimulation is often the best way to a global approach to achieve a natural look.

Even though the application technique is comparatively simple, PRX-T33 guarantees visible immediate results, especially if followed by the WiQo home treatment. The percutaneous absorption technique is particularly appreciated by patients who dislike needles.