Pricing for Non Surgical Treatments

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Treatment Price in £                                          Comments
Anti Wrinkle Injections
1 Area 150
2 Areas 200 Male patients usually require more product due to having larger muscles
3 Areas 250 and therefore there may be a supplemental charge
Hyperhydrosis 450 Life changing treatment with botulinum toxin for excessive underarm sweating
Dermal Fillers
Fine/medium lines 250/ml Suitable for fine lines and surface deficiencies
Volumisation and lifting 275/ml Suitable for replacing lost volume and definition eg; cheeks, jawline, temple
Lips 275 up to 1ml Suitable for lip augmentation, and also in mature lip, redefining of thin lips and ‘lipstick’ lines
Please ask for discounts on multiple syringes
Eye rejuvenation 525 Treatment of lower tear trough, under eye and upper eyelid as necessary to improve dark circles and hollow eye appearance
Plasma BT
Bioremodelling of tissues 325 per treatment NO INJECTIONS. Lifting and tightening of skin. Suitable for face, hands, neck, inner arm etc. Two treatments required 1 month apart for best results.
Restylane Skinboosters 225  x1 NO INJECTIONS, just painless plasma shower, followed by topical application. Improves quality of skin tissue and rehydrates. Also suitable for acne scar treatment. For best results an initial treatment of 2 ml followed a month later by 1ml
575  x3
Plasma Shower 120+ cost of meso product NO INJECTIONS. There are many products available for improving skin quality, whitening, fine lines, chin tightening, jowl fat dissolving, scar treatment, stretch marks etc. Protocols vary.
Plasma Shower for Acne 120 NO INJECTIONS Active acne can be treated with no other drug or product, due to sterilisation of skin using plasma energy. may need follow up treatments @ £50 each.
Plasma Surgical 375 from Non surgical bletharoplasty for excess eyelid skin and bags, acne scarring, wart, skin tag and mole removal. See Plasma BT page for full details