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Essentially there are only two accepted methods of teeth bleaching that are available. At Greenwood Dental we offer them both.  

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Services in Birmingham

Teeth Whitening

The latest in Home Bleaching- Get 2 Smile watch the video below:
Tooth Whitening can only be carried out legally by a Dental Surgeon, it is classed by the General Dental Council as an act of dentistry. The qualification “Teeth Whitening Technician” does not exist. Beware.  Click here to view the General Dental Council Leaflet
Teeth whitening has become very popular in recent years however there is a lot of confusion amongst the general public as to what methods are available, who can perform dental bleaching and the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods.

Essentially there are only two accepted methods of teeth bleaching that are available.

Firstly there is Home Bleaching where thin custom made trays are worn daily at home after a small amount of bleaching gel has been dispensed into them.  They are worn for 30 minutes twice daily for as many days as it takes to achieve the desired effect with hydrogen peroxide releasing gels.  Or overnight with carbamide peroxide gels.  We use the specially developed and patented “perfect trays” which are engineered to sit tightly and unobtrusively in the mouth and deliver just the correct amount of bleaching gel to whiten the teeth with no or very little sensitivity. Secondly there is power whitening, often called laser whitening in the press, although no laser is used in the process only a light which produces some heat.  This is performed in the Dental Chair, and is always followed immediately with at home tray whitening for 14 days,as there is always fade back of the result due to initial dehydration of the teeth. NEW NEW  WY10 Bleaching with the thermal diffuser! We are now using the  new Wy10 thermal diffusion bleaching technique. This is where a small heating unit  is positioned in front of the teeth after isolation and creates a temperature gradient to  allow more effective bleaching to take place. We use the maximum legal concentration of hydrogen peroxide releasing gel which is now 6%. Custom trays are also made and must be worn as in home bleaching following all methods of power bleaching as there is always some initial fade back of the result in power bleaching.

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