Dermal Filler Problems

Please think long and hard before visiting unregulated and inadequately trained practitioners, such as Beauty Therapists, for treatment as you could end up with dermal filler problems similar to the ones shown above.

We are seeing more and more dermal filler problems due to the increasing number of these practitioners offering dermal fillers, and the huge number of patients looking for rejuvenation or enhancement of facial features such as lips, noses, and cheeks with dermal filler.

Dermal filler treatment must not be considered a beauty treatment, it is a medical procedure, and as such will always carry risks. The greatest ones being blindness or anaphylactic shock. Some of the adverse events will need the immediate use of drugs supplied only on prescription. These can only be prescribed by a suitably qualified medical professional.  Beauty therapists and others allied to the beauty industry are not permitted to carry or prescribe the drugs, so potentially putting the patient at risk.

The cosmetic industry is rapidly expanding due to the wishes of patients to retain their good looks and try and pause the effects of ageing. With the improvement in materials and a greater understanding of both the ageing process and the anatomy of the face, highly trained medical professionals can help patients achieve excellent results.

This is why it is so important to research your practitioner well. Please  look for a Doctor, Dentist, or Nurse prescriber working out of a clinical environment whose is experienced in the treatments you are seeking.

Cheap treatments are invariably not good treatments and good treatments do not come cheap! ………..

But remember, your face is priceless

If you have had facial rejuvenation that has gone wrong and would like a second opinion or remedial treatment I am available to offer you my experience in order to help you. Please call on 0121-453-7949 or email: