Dermal filler offers in Birmingham for March 2016 from Greenwood Dental Clinic in Birminghamdermal filler offers in birmingham

Yes, for the month of March we are giving you this chance on dermal filler offers in Birmingham, to save 20% on facial dermal fillers and 10% on lip rejuvenation.

If you have looked in the mirror recently and are seeing a tired face with shadows and lines around the eyes and mouth. Have you got downturned mouth corners giving you a sad look, when inside you are happy?

Are your cheeks looking a little hollow with loss of volume in the middle cheek area?

Have your lips gone thin and lost there definition around the border, cupids bow gone missing, vertical lines on the upper lip?

These are all things that we can improve with dermal fillers.

So why not take advantage of these great dermal filler offers Birmingham

Call us on 0121-453-7949 Offer ends march 31st 2016.

This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.