Lip Augmentation with dermal filler gone wrong?

Lip augmentation or lip filler, have you ever been tempted? Have you always wanted bigger more lush lips? Have you had internet vouchers for a cheap offer on this treatment?

Well take a look below and see what the dangers are of lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation, Lip filler gone wrong

Are you are unfortunate enough to have undergone lip augmentation by untrained or unqualified practitioners? Or have you had dermal filler injections that have left you with undesirable outcomes? We may be able to help you by dissolving the filler. This is not something to be taken lightly as this in itself does carry risks.

lip filler gone wrong

Take a look at the link below and see what can happen when trying to save money by having lip treatments done by unqualified practitioners.


Do you know what is being injected? Is it a reputable product or something bought over the Internet with no authenticity.

All injectable filler treatments must be viewed as surgical procedures. They should be carried out by reputable medically trained personnel in a clinical environment.